Exhibition: Vom Loch im Wasser…

... und anderen Wirklichkeitsverwechslungen (About the Hole in Water and Other Mistaken Realities)

Since the first contact with the HALBSTARK-Festival 2012, a long-term and productive cooperation has developed between Junges Theater Münster and the performance collective Fetter Fisch. Forming the Institut für Angewandte Wirklichkeitsverwechslung, they researched the subjects performance and reality over a period of two years. Their work is now being presented in an exhibition. The stations of perceived reality in Münster are documented using photos, a sound installation and various contributions from the participating artists and they will once again be brought back to life. In addition, the Institute's staff will report on the cooperation between the participating parties.

With, among others, Julia Dina Heße (Head of Junges Theater Münster), Heike Kortenkamp (Dramatic adviser at Performancekollektiv Fetter Fisch) and the actors, artists and performers from the Institut für angewandte Wirklichkeitsverwechslung.