Kulturrucksack is our guest at HALBSTARK

Kulturrucksack NRW is to give all children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 14 the opportunity to experience art and culture. Since 2013, the city of Münster has taken part in the programme, using the opportunity to create new and additional events for the HALBSTARK-age groups. In 2014 too, a large number of partners, led by Kulturamt Münster have set up a multifaceted program.

Ten-to-fourteen-year-olds had the choice between street art, manga, art, theatre, blogging, photography and much more. Among other things, the children and adolescents jointly wrote a closet drama, played their favourite songs in rock bands and researched happiness, using video, dance and theatre.

Results from the Kulturrucksack Projects 2014 will be presented within the framework of HALBSTARK. In addition to other events, visitors can look forward to a photo exhibition on the project "Für mich" which took place under the direction of photographer Thomas Mohn at ABI Südpark. During the festival, the exhibition can be viewed in the Theater in der Meerwiese.

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