Compagnia TPO (IT)


Barocco is a show that has been conceived as an unusual visit to an enchanted castle. Two graceful dancers stroll, joke and play in rooms that appear stately and grandiose: the music room, the peacock room, the hall of mirrors, the little theater, the picture gallery, the drawing room, the royal garden. Each room contains a different game and invites the eye and ear to enter a world in which everything can be transformed thanks to the breath of beauty.

A little at a time the dancers show us the different apartments, each with its individual bizarre tricks: a mechanical bubble, speaking like a butler, moves through the space, a mysterious wind opens doors and guides us through rooms inhabited by strange characters… a singer, a mischievous armchair...

In this way we find ourselves plunged into those signs of baroque art that are closest to a child’s imagination with its flights, leaps, and bursts. The castle spins like a top and the stage space is in continuous movement like a paper theater in which everything is constantly pulled andone and then remade. The dancers move lightly and elegantly through this labyrinth and wandering from one room to another they show us the marvels of a “baroque world” inspired by the Castle of Vaux le Vicomte (Paris) and its famous “French-style” garden.

Dance with Video projections (9+)
Duration: circa 60 minutes

  • Stage direction, Dramaturgy: Davide Venturini, Francesco Gandi
  • Choreography: Paola Lattanzi
  • Dance: Serenella Amoretti, Angelica Portioli
  • Visual design: Elsa Mersi
  • Music: Spartaco Cortesi
  • Computer engineering: Rossano Monti, Martin Von Günten
  • Voiceover: Annapia Capurso
  • Costumes and props: Fiamma Ciotti Farulli
  • Set: Livia Cortesi, Rosario Rotiroti
  • Collaboration on script: Stefania Zampiga
  • Organization: Valentina Martini, Francesca Nunziati, Chiara Saponari
  • Photo: Compagnia TPO


  • Monday, 27 October 2014, 10.00 and 19.30
    Theater im Pumpenhaus
  • Tuesday, 28 October 2014, 10.00
    Theater im Pumpenhaus