Lowtech Magic (CH)

It Doesn't Rain Indoors

SHE is alone in her apartment. She – that is a fabled character with a huge head. She is discovering what it's like to be lonely. To play games alone in which she wins every time. To celebrate her birthday alone and to have the entire cake for herself. To build a fantasy world alone and to lose herself in it. Her contact with the outside world consists of letters, which she receives and also sends and which mainly deal with: Who am I and who are the others? Is it sad to be alone? And how does it feel: the feeling of being lonely?

And then a visitor knocks on the door. Very carefully she opens it and standing there in front of her is someone completely different from her. But how can you communicate with someone that doesn't have a head?

“Drinnen regnet es nicht” is a play for children, that asks universal questions about loneliness and being alone. Together with her ensemble, Cornelia Hanselmann, the young dancer and choreographer from Aargau, has developed poetic playful imagery oriented towards childlike realms of fantasy. Play and movement, space and live-illustration, music and objects are all equally important.

„Drinnen regnet es nicht“ is based on stories from the children's book „Die Einsamkeit des Igels“ ("The Loneliness of the Hedgehog") by Dutch author Toon Tellegen.

Play with music and objects (9+)
Duration: circa 50 minutes

  • Production: Lowtech Magic in Coproduction with Theater Tuchlaube Aarau for „First Steps/AG“
  • With: Cornelia Hanselmann, Marjolein Roeleveld
  • Idea, Choreography: Cornelia Hanselmann
  • Concept, Stage direction: Anouke de Groot
  • Music, Composition: Christoph Scherbaum
  • Scenography, Masks: Calle de Hoog, Cornelia Hanselmann, Anouke de Groot
  • Costumes, Light: Calle de Hoog
  • Illustration: Mohéna Kühni
  • Graphics: Anja Groten
  • Photo: Donovan Wyrsch


  • Friday, 24 October 2014, 10.00 und 18.00
    Theater in der Meerwiese