Theatre Het Laagland (NL)

Not Now! (Nu even niet)

Hannes is 8 years old and loves french fries. He does not have an easy time of it, because every day he is told by his father and mother how sweet his sister was. Hannes never knew his sister. And yet Hanna is there, always and everywhere.

His parents make sure that Hanna won't be forgotten. "Hanna is always with us", says his mother during meals. But when Hannes looks around the table, he doesn't see anything. How can one compete with a sister who is an angel? Hannes thinks up all kinds of schemes so that he too is noticed...

“Jetzt nicht!” is a small story close to real life – a light-footed performance about a child, who valiantly tries to bear the burden of his parents and his desire to be really seen and heard. An actor tells and acts the story of Hannes in such a light-hearted manner that what is a serious topic turns into a touching and tragicomic performance.

"Director Inèz Derksen is able to perfectly slip into the inner world of children's experiences. And she is also excellently skilled at adapting this dramatically." (Trouw, NL)

"Absolute highlight! Derksen has admirably staged a light-footed performance by bringing humour and lightness into children's intensive suffering and loneliness." (De Telegraaf, NL)

Classroom play (9+)
Duration: circa 50 minutes

  • Stage direction: Inèz Derksen
  • Text: Guy Kretna
  • Performance: Christian Cadenbach
  • Stage design: Bas Zuyderland
  • Costumes: Jorine van Beek
  • Head Music-Coach: Marlou Obers
  • Photo: Joost Milde


  • Thursday, 23 October 2014, by arrangement
  • Friday, 24 October 2014, by arrangement
  • Saturday, 25 October 2014, 18.00
    Theater Münster, meeting point Theatertreff