Wiener Klassenzimmertheater (A)

Real Life Superhero

What makes a superhero a superhero? EL BUENO wants to help people. He wants to live in a world where help comes when it is needed. That is why he patrols the streets, dressed in his superhero costume, looking out for disputes which one might resolve.

But how does it go? His first try at stopping a cruel teacher just makes things worse, not better. Later in the street, he gets laughed at and in the moment when he thinks that he has freed a child, he is very much mistaken. Can one always recognise perpetrators and victims? Or could it be that perhaps in a dispute, both sides are right, that both feel that their needs have been violated and that's why they lash out? What can one do, so that both sides in a dispute are happy? Can this work?

EL BUENO wants to find this out and practise, namely anywhere, in the theatre or classroom. Because a self-proclaimed superhero finds the real power to resolve conflicts in empathy and honesty. A piece about the longings for heroes and moral courage as well as about non-violent communication.

The stage director Dana Csapo finished her studies in directing at the Max Reinhardt Seminar Vienna. Since then she has been active as stage director in German-speaking countries.

Classroom play (10+)
Duration: circa 50 minutes

  • Text: Holger Schober
  • Production: Dana Csapo and Team
  • Performers: Dinah Pannos or Thomas Weilharter
  • Dramaturgy: Sabine Maringer and Team
  • Drama Education: Sabine Maringer, Dana Csapo
  • Photo: Teresa Huemer, Wiener Klassenzimmertheater


  • Thursday, 23 October 2014, by arrangement
    class room
  • Friday, 24 October 2014, 11.00 und 17.00
    Vischering castle, Lüdinghausen