Odd Days (Snipperdagen)

The family play Snipperdagen is as curious and absurd, as peculiar and, at the same time, as funny as life itself. It takes a humorous, tongue-in-cheek look through musical glasses at the strange life of adults.

Three people live next to, over and with each other in a cardboard box world. They take care of the housekeeping. They visit each other. They look after a child. They play a kind of adult-life Playmobil with its strange obligations and habits.

Snipperdagen shows a world that is both familiar and bizarre. The characters speak a fantasy language and yet one can understand them perfectly. Everyday scenes derail into surreal choreography and three-part songs. And in the end even the laws of gravity are disregarded.

Crossover-Performance (9+)
Duration: circa 60 minutes

  • Concept, Scenography & Performance: Filip Bilsen, Katrien Valckenaers, Lisa Verbelen
  • Dramaturgy: Randi De Vlieghe
  • Music montage: Gerrit Valckenaers
  • Production: fABULEUS
  • Thanks to: Gayane Avakian, Eline Luyten, Tom Philips, Brigitte Puissant, Dina Swyngedouw, Klaas Trekker en Ronja Zwjeever
  • Photo: Clara Hermans


  • Sunday, 26 October 2014, 15.00
    Theater Münster, Kleines Haus