Alles im Gruenen Bereich (AGB) -
TheaterGrueneSosse (D)

Alles im Gruenen Bereich is a theatre and school project that plays with surprise and reality. All that the children know is that a theatre teacher is visiting to run a theatre workshop - but as if by coincidence two actors also turn up dressed as workmen. After the introduction (around 20 minutes) an explanatory discussion leads to a workshop with the theatre teacher; tactile theory to the front, applied theory to the back.

The mechanics Bernd and Olaf burst directly into the lesson. ‘The caretaker said that there wasn’t going to be a lesson here today!’, both of them say, as if accidently interrupting. ‘Differentials of the current distribution have to be adapted and modular platforms need to be installed.’ The teaching staff in the office will have to resolve that and the pair get going: the space is measured, a ‘blanzel’ is employed with ‘graviflex’ and while one of the mechanics goes to find a missing tool, the other one talks about his relationship with his colleague, saying that he’s ‘baatzig’. It takes a while for the pupils to realise that everything has been staged…

‘Suitable for children, yes, but also entertaining for adults.’
Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung

‘We were allowed to act in our little plays at the end and rewrite them together. In the end it turned into a really interesting, dramatic, but also exciting little play.’
Maria Wagner, Class 6

The TheaterGrueneSosse is an institution of extra-curricular cultural education. Theatre and teaching are seen as two sides of the same coin and understood as an artistic and aesthetic process. Over the last few years TheaterGrueneSosse have given guest performances at international children’s and youth festivals in Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Great Britain and Canada.

  • Surprise theatre with workshop (9+)
  • Running time: 2 teaching periods
  • Concept: Het Laagland, Direction: Detlef Koehler, Cast: Willy Combecher, Sigi Herold, Education: Nadja Blickle


  • Wednesday, 03.11.2010, 09.30
    Class room (sold out)
  • Wednesday, 03.11.2010, 13.00
    Class room (sold out)
  • Thursday, 04.11.2010, 09.30
    Class room (sold out)
  • Thursday, 04.11.2010, 11.30
    Class room (sold out)
  • Friday, 05.11.2010, 09.00
    Class room (sold out)
  • Friday, 05.11.2010, 11.00
    Class room (sold out)
  • Saturday, 06.11.2010, 11.00
    Städtische Buehnen Muenster, Theatre Foyer

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