Arme og Ben [Arms and Legs] - Aabendans (Dk)

Full of wonder, humour and sincerity, two men with two bodies go on a trip in a universe in which everything is in flux. It is a universe created from the body; a place in which the voice becomes music and where arms and legs will turn into something unexpected…

The audience will be carried away and challenged by this humorous dance performance. The dancers want to break down barriers in an entertaining way and communicate directly with their audience.

Aabendans is one of the most popular modern dance companies in Denmark. They dazzle their audiences with their mixture of humour, wackiness, seriousness and aesthetics.

  • Dance theatre (9+)
  • Running time: c. 45 minutes
  • Choreography and Dance: Thomas Eisenhardt and Ole Birger Hansen, Concept: Thomas Eisenhardt, Ole Birger Hansen, Thomas Sandberg, Music: Thomas Sandberg, Production Assistance: Catherine Poher, Scenery: Maja Ravn, Production: Gitte Knudsen


  • Tuesday, 09.11.2010, 10.30
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Theatre
  • Tuesday, 09.11.2010, 16.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Theatre

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