Da/Fort - Compagnie Circ’ombelico (B)

A room as big as a shoebox. Sharing this room with three others. I feel watched, while I watch the others. I need more space. Doesn't everyone need their own space? But how do you get your own little room? The room has so many doors. I'm always between two doors. I don't know whether they're exits or entrances. It depends what happens on the other side of the door…

Da/Fort is a silent production in which the acrobatic work of the artists is centre stage. The performance is inspired by the lack of space and is a great tribute to the beauty and darkness of our existence. The Belgian Compagnie Circ’ombelico invites the audience to experience the unique performance of Da/Fort in an unusual and at the same time intimate venue: in the belly of a vintage truck.

‘A man and a woman together in one place in which circus, dance and theatre come together. They captivate [the audience] with their agile acrobatics, which at the same time seem to be an expression of their love.’
Brusselnieuws (B)

Compagnie Circ’ombelico is famous for its inspired mix of the most varied disciplines, including acrobatics, circus and theatre.

  • Acrobatics, circus and theatre (9+)
  • Running time: 45 minutes
  • Max. audience of 45
  • Director: Titoune (Cirque Trottola), Concept/Cast: Jef Naets and Iris Carta, Music: Jochem Baelus, Technical: Olivier Melis


  • Thursday, 04.11.2010, 14.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Forecourt
  • Thursday, 04.11.2010, 17.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Forecourt
  • Friday, 05.11.2010, 14.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Forecourt
  • Friday, 05.11.2010, 17.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Forecourt
  • Sunday, 07.11.2010, 16.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Forecourt
  • Monday, 08.11.2010, 14.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Forecourt
  • Monday, 08.11.2010, 17.00
    Begegnungszentrum Meerwiese, Forecourt

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