Dick Bos - Beumer en Drost (NL)

The creator of the comic book figure Dick Bos created a born-and-bred detective. Dick Bos is a man that you envy: sly and quick, manly, hard and sure of himself - a cult figure who settles scores with seedy low-lifes and always knows how to save himself from the most dodgy situations. That is until the moment that the great comic hero has had enough of his role as a drawn cliché. Dick Bos wants more and rebels against his creator. Now the illustrator and comic hero stand eye to eye. And the cartoonist begins a relentless hunt for his hero…

Dick Bos is a filmic theatre performance. Drawings are brought to life. The impossible happens: Dick Bos becomes a man made of flesh and blood. In the production from Beumer & Drost, film, theatre and drawing come together to create a terrifying crime thriller. The play is inspired by the fictional Dutch private detective Dick Bos, a comic strip created by the illustrator Alfred Mazure (1914–1974) that was very popular in Holland between the 40s and the 60s.

‘What a great example of experience and professionalism! What an intelligent and exciting deployment of modern technology with a wink to the yellowed comic-book world of Dick Bos!’
Algemeen Dagblad (NL)

The Dutch group Beumer & Drost creates quality theatre for a wide (family) audience. The performances make use of a combination of different disciplines including mime, text, song, a punchy visual language and, in this case, film.

  • Filmic theatre
  • Running time: c. 75 minutes
  • Direction: Michael Helmerhorst, Cast: Peter Drost


  • Thursday, 04.11.2010, 19.00
    Staedtische Buehnen Muenster, Kleines Haus
  • Friday, 05.11.2010, 10.00
    Staedtische Buehnen Muenster, Kleines Haus

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