Ende saemtlicher Streckenverbote [End of all Traffic Restrictions] - Produktion 11 (D)

Ende saemtlicher Streckenverbote doesn't tell a finished story, but instead finishes stories. In the centre of these stories, which were developed through improvisations with actors, director and interested guests, is a theme of particular importance for the 9-13-year-old age group: the fluctuation between the personal inner child on the one hand and the openness to social possibilities on the other.

‘Ende saemtlicher Streckenverbote’ [End of all traffic restrictions] is the statutory wording on traffic signs signifying that all traffic restrictions are lifted for the coming section of road. It is connected with a change from one form of order to another, which symbolises here the change from the rules of childhood to the rules of new social worlds. Ende saemtlicher Streckenverbote will tell the story of this change, including its attached problems and the lust for life that comes from it. In order to do this the production leaves the classical theatrical stage and develops its stories through music, dance and narrative where these stories actually take place: with the audience.

Produktion 11 invites 9- 13-year olds to see the theatre as an experience that has something to do with themselves.

Muenster’s Produktion 11 is an experiment. Eight children’s theatre professionals worked together for the first time for the HALBSTARK festival and have uncovered the many facets of the Muenster children’s theatre scene. At the same time the collaboration with Dutch director Sybrand van der Werf has set a new momentum for the future in motion. The number 11 stands for ‘crazy’ in Dutch. In Produktion 11 the Muenster children’s theatre scene comes together, goes crazy and opens itself up to new ideas, creating the madness that exciting theatre needs.

  • Improvisation and theatre performance (9+)
  • Running time: c. 45 minutes
  • Direction: Sybrand van der Werf, Production: Anna Schimke, Cast: Stony Assmann (Theater Funkenstein), Jan Sturmius Becker (Theater Fetter Fisch), Peter Eberst (expeditiontheater), Bart Hogenboom (Theater Scintilla), Cornelia Kupferschmid (Theater Fetter Fisch), Annette Michels (Theater Scintilla), Ulrike Rehbein (Theater Tritrop), Gerry Sheridan (Theater Shelire), Set Design and Costume: Tina Toeberg, Bettina Zumdick.


  • Tuesday, 09.11.2010, 19.00
    Staedtische Buehnen Muenster, Kleines Haus (Premier)
  • Wednesday, 10.11.2010, 10.30
    Staedtische Buehnen Muenster, Kleines Haus

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