HELP - Theatergroep MAX. (NL)

Liverpool, just before the end of the war. Imagine, you are alone and don't have a penny to your name. All that you have is a guitar and a dream. And a new sound. HELP is a musical about the birth of the most famous band in the world: The Beatles. HELP is about reaching for the stars and about waiting, about the street and about success, and about choosing the right path. A story of friendship, jealousy and of course an insatiable passion for music.

With huge amounts of energy six talented young actors and musicians bring history to life on stage.

‘A very charming and musical performance. The songs quickly got the young audience swaying in their seats. HELP is an astonishing lesson in pop history.’
Leids Dagblad

The Dutch theatre group MAX. deconstructs old forms and develops adventurous and clever theatre for young people.

  • Musical theatre for the whole family (9+)
  • Running time: 75 minutes
  • Direction/Concept: Moniek Merkx, Text: Jan Veldman, Music: Lennon/McCartney, Vincent van Warmerdam, et al, Cast/Musical Presentation: Viktor Griffioen, Erik van der Horst, Kaspar Schellingerhout (The Sadists), Roosmarijn Luyten, Marne Miesen, Mees van Warmerdam, Set Design: Sanne Danz, Costumes: Marike Kamphuis, Lighting: Gé Wegman


  • Saturday, 06.11.2010, 19.30
    Staedtische Buehnen Muenster, Großes Haus

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