Theatre Brunch

Theatre professionals, the festival directorship and invited guests will meet on Sunday morning for a theatre brunch with readings, discussions and artistic actions.

Invited speakers include the sociologist, choreographer, director and performance artist Irinell Ruf. Interested specialists can get in touch with the festival office directly (

Irinell Ruf:

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Intercultural Arts with Young People

Irinell Ruf:

Irinell Ruf, born in Freiburg im Breisgau in 1962, brought up in New York, Tunisia and Morocco, is a sociologist, choreographer, director and performance artist. In 2001 she founded the academie crearTaT with a group of dedicated artists and teachers. Dance, theatre, languages, music and audiovisual media merge into complete artworks, in which young people track traces of their own identity and self-confidently discover new perspectives. Children and teenagers develop their own scenes and scripts, their own artworks. 'Wir, das ist das, womit ich leb' [We, which is what I live with] is the initial project in which all of the 7 pillars in between art - education - science of the academie crearTaT are bound together. In 2009 this production was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the International University Theatre Festival in Marrakech for 'poetic composition and the synthesis of all art forms'.

  • 2004: Prize for Democracy and Tolerance
  • 2007: 1st Prize for 'Innovative Educational Concept' of the IBA GmBH
  • Internationale Bauausstellung - Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg 2013
  • 2008: Bertini Prize for 'sein im nicht sein'
  • 2009: Hamburg Integration Prize
  • 2010: Prize of the igs 2013 (Internationale Gartenausstellung 2013)

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