Artistic Direction

The Dutch director, and artistic director of the HALBSTARK theatre festival, Silvia Andringa, lives and works in Amsterdam. She is well-known for her detail-rich, fantasy-filled productions which have struck a chord with audiences.

Silvia Andringa Foto: Lennart Monaster

Silvia Andringa Foto: Lennart Monaster
She creates productions for children, teenagers and adults as a guest director at a variety of theatres internationally. She coaches young theatre artists and groups and teaches directing in many theatre schools.

Since 2004 Silvia Andringa has been a jury member for 'Kaas & Kappes', the Dutch-German children's and youth theatre writing competition in Duisburg. Since 2000 she has been actively involved in projects that aim to improve the artistic quality of children's and youth theatre.


1999/2000 Silvia Andringa received the Hans Snoekprijs for the most significant children's and youth theatre production of the season for the play Medusa von Bouke Oldenhof. Medusa was also nominated for the 1000 Watt Prize in 2001.

Andringa was co-founder of the Theatre Het Laagland in Sittard and was part of the artistic direction, together with Inèz Derksen and Bas Zuyderland. In 2008 and 2009 Andringa produced, among others, Antigone for the Theater De Citadel in Groningen, De koning en de rest (after Exit the King) for the Theater Gnaffel in Zwolle, Hysteria (for adults) for Tg. Winterberg in Amsterdam, Wilde Zwanen for the Theater Sonnevanck in Enschede and De deconstructie van Edsel K. for the Teatro KadaKen in Willemstad, Curacao.

In 2010 the latter three productions went on tour in theatres and schools throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. De koning en de rest of the Theater Gnaffel and E dekonstrukshon di Edsel K. from Curaçao are on tour in November and December 2010 in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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