Carrousel des Moutons (The Sheep Carousel) - D'irque & Fien (B)

Carrousel des Moutons is a show without words, that will make you speechless: it will mesmerise children and adults alike with the stark directness of street theatre and the power of the circus. A piano turns into an acrobat, a broom becomes a trapeze and the completely impossible becomes reality.

a circus that lives in these times:
a piano as acrobat
countless sheep juggling through your head
a broom for trapeze…
use your own body as a tent
while your thoughts are the ring

in ‘carrousel des moutons’ see crystal-clear with both eyes closed
black as night there sleep is more exciting than staying awake
the absolutely impossible is right here and now:
dirque & fien in wonderland

this is a show that steals time from perception'
supple as silk sheets, bouncy as a bumper ball
‘carrousel des moutons’ has the simple directness of street theatre,
the tender intimacy of a music box,
and the utter power of a circus in its purest essence

for children and adults
a show without words that will render you speechless

  • Poetic theatre circus (9+)
  • Running time: circa 60 minutes
  • Cast and acrobatics: Dirk Van Boxelaare, piano: Fien Van Herwegen


  • Wednesday, 7.11.2012, 16.00
    Theater Meerwiese, Saal
  • Thursday, 8.11.2012, 11.00
    Theater Meerwiese, Saal
  • Friday, 9.11.2012, 11.00
    Theater Meerwiese, Saal

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