HALBSTARK has developed a range of workshops for children and adults. Opportunities with, among others, mentor classes in Muenster and the surrounding region will be available in the lead up to the festival.


  • Saturday, 06.11.2010, 11.00-13.00
    Städtische Buehnen Muenster, Theatertreff
    TheaterGrueneSosse (D): Alles im Gruenen Bereich [Everything in the Green Zone] + workshop (also for adults)
    Usually performed in the classroom, the theatre and school project Alles im Gruenen Bereich will be open to the public on this date
    Price: €5

  • TBA, Staedtische Buehnen Muenster
    Silvia Andringa (HALBSTARK) in cooperation with the Staedtische Buehnen Muenster
    Workshop: Theatre Production for Children and Adults
    Price: €5

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