Theatre Discussions

With its programme of international guest performances, HALBSTARK is also a forum for creative, cross-border dialogues. Theatre discussions about issues of current interest are directed at both the experts and the interested festival visitors.

In particular, these discussions offer an opportunity to speak with participants from neighbouring European countries, to exchange ideas, viewpoints and working methods. Therefore, the audience is cordially invited to ask questions and participate.

Theatre discussion attendance is free of charge.

Generation Now

After the performance "Jamal" four young theatre makers, whose production has been represented in HALBSTARK, will speak about the current development of children and youth theatre in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. What does the new generation have in common? What do they want to do, and perhaps do differently than their predecessors? Which paths are they taking? There will be a cross-border discussion about similarities and differences, visions and new connecting points.

Joke Laureyns talks about "Rau"

The Belgian choreographer Joke Laureyns takes children as artists and viewers seriously. In her works, children and professional dancers act together as equal partners for a public of all ages. This is also true for "Rau", a moving dance performance that she has staged, together with Kwint Manshoven and "kabinet k". In a follow-up discussion, Joke Laureyns offers insights into the background and characteristics of "Rau".

How real is reality?

Research and the exploration of reality is becoming more and more important for contemporary theatre. But how does a theatre piece evolve out of artistic research processes and open ended explorations? What processes occur in the spaces between art, play and reality? You are invited to investigate these questions with two examples in one afternoon. It's possible to start at either station.

Station 1: 14.30, Theater Münster, Foyer

  • Opening of the exhibition "Vom Loch im Wasser und anderen Wirklichkeitsverwechslungen"
  • 14.30, Theater Münster, Foyer
    Afterwards change of location to the Theater in der Meerwiese (bus line 8/9)

Station 2: 16.40, Theater in der Meerwiese

  • Performance of "Taksi to Istanbul", COMEDIA Theater Cologne (Link to presentation)
  • Before the performance, at 16.40, in the seminar room of the Begegnungszentrums Meerwiese, Jutta Staerk, head of the COMEDIA Theater, will offer insights into the organic process of the development of "Taksi to Istanbul". The theatre-makers drove through Cologne in a yellow "Taksi" and met children and young people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • After the performance, there will be a follow-up discussion in the theatre auditorium with Jutta Staerk and the actors. Anyone who is interested is invited.
  • Presentation: Silvia Andringa

After the Play is before the Play

Inspired by a concept from Silvia Andringa, of the Dutch theatre group "De Jonge Republiek", 'Adopt an Artist', the performance collective Fetter Fisch researched and rehearsed in a school over a continuous period of several weeks. We ask ourselves what impact this method of working had on the pupils, the artists and on the development of the piece. Can this intensive cooperation with schools be an example for the beginning of new methods of working together with different stakeholders? Also in view of future projects the suggestions and impetus offered by the attendees will be taken up and pursued in a public round-table discussion. Theatre makers and cultural-operators, educators and interested festival visitors are invited to attend.

With, among others, Cornelia Kupferschmid (Fetter Fisch) Silvia Andringa (De Jonge Republiek), Maren Gaugel (Gymnasium Paulinum), presentation: Nadja Blickle (Project Manager Festival “Starke Stücke”)